Professional Services are an important part of MOSTASHEER  team success in creating value for its customers.  Highly skilled and trained professionals work as partners with the customer to ensure the business objective is met.Our professional services include but not limited to Business Needs Analysis, consultation, implementation and integration service, training, and support. Business Analysis & Consultation is the first step in partnering with your organization. Our highly trained professionals will perform an on-site, detailed analysis of your IT needs while learning your organization’s business vision. Implementation & Integration services are provided turnkey if the customer determines to go forward after the Business Needs Analysis. 

MOSTASHEER works closely with the customer to define specifications, confirm time schedules, and deliver/install the products.

MOSTASHEER will then integrate its software/hardware with the customer’s requirement as agreed upon at this stage.
Training is provided at the customer’s site before going live with the system.

MOSTASHEER provides professional trainers and detailed documentation to make the most use of your valuable time.

MOSTASHEER Technical Support provides service and support for twelve months after implementation of its solutions. Thereafter,

MOSTASHEER offers annual support and services through an Annual License Agreement.